Legal Documents: Exhibit A - Protect the Prairie Park Corridor
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19 May Legal Documents: Exhibit A

Jeremiah Kenny: Affidavit A

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Exhibit A (Jeremia Kenny) PDF


For most of my life l have been involved in the Prairie Park Corridor, l had friends growing up that lived down there. In the 90’s my uncle bought the house I currently live in, I helped  him to buy the house and fix it up.  In 2004 he put the house in my name. He lived there until his death in 2014.”

“I greatly value the park services in the Prairie Park Corridor, and it being so close is a good part of why I have stayed here. In the mornings before my family wakes up, I go fishing in the quarry. I also love to take my family kayaking or boating in the river and quarry.”

“The existing Cargill plant, that is just up the road at 1710 16th St. SE, shows what kind of neighbors they will be. The grounds are unattractive, they leave large piles of dirt and weeds in the front of the lot and do not seem to care what it looks like. I believe that their low standards will continue at the future railyard and be an eyesore in the corridor.”.