Legal Documents: Exhibit L - Protect the Prairie Park Corridor
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19 May Legal Documents: Exhibit L


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Exhibit L (Angela Lippe) PDF


“We chose to build our new house in 2016 because the Prairie Park Corridor is quite and has the feel of out of town living while still having many city-like amenities..”

“I am concerned about the Cargill railyard coming into our area for many reasons but, to name a few, are: my daughter’s health and safety; our property value, as we just built a brand a new home, prior to the City’s decision to allow the construction of a railyard nearby; and the noise and visual disturbances it will create. It will no longer be the quiet area and neighborhood where we built our “forever home.””

“As a family we frequently use the local park services for running, fishing, and biking. We observe many others doing to, and, not just persons who reside in our neighborhood. It is truly a community asset.”