Legal Documents: Exhibit C - Protect the Prairie Park Corridor
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19 May Legal Documents: Exhibit C


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Exhibit C (Mike Noke) PDF


“I was born in the Prairie Park Corridor and have lived here almost all my life. This neighborhood is the only place that I wanted to raise my two children.”

“My two children and 1 use the Prairie Park Fishery, located at 2125 Otis Rd SE, Cedar Rapids, regularly. You will often find us there fishing or enjoying the nature trails, my children’s first memories are of us at the Prairie Park Fishery.”

“The noise and air pollution will greatly affect my family ‘s ability to enjoy our home. limiting the amount of time, we want to spend outside. We do not go outside to be accosted by the sounds and smells of a railyard. Our neighborhood is in a beautiful nature corridor, that is why people come here and why I raised my children here.”