FAQs - Protect the Prairie Park Corridor
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Protect The Prairie Park Corridor (PPPC)?

We are a nonprofit 501C4 organization that was created by concerned community members to protect the Prairie Park Corridor.

Why should I be concerned?

Cargill is trying to buy 28 acres of land owned by the city to build a rail switching yard. This public property at Stewart Rd. was purchased as a park in 1997 and developed as a Prairie Pollinator Habitat with signs posted as Wildlife refuge.

How much land is Cargill buying in the Prairie Park Corridor?

Cargill has already purchased 23.4 acres of land (known as “Farm Property”) along the entire length of the Prairie Park Fishery entrance road. Cargill is in the process of closing a deal with Cedar Rapids government bodies, for another 27.5 acres known as the “Stewart Road property”. For a total of 50.93 acres. All of which borders Prairie Park, Sac N Fox, and several homes.

What are the potential problems with the railyard in this location?

Noise pollution, Air pollution, Water pollution, increased flooding, displacement and destruction of the wildlife ecosystem and natural habitat, unsightliness,  increase rail crossing traffic and an Industrial expansion into the nature corridor to name a few.

What actions are the PPPC taking to accomplish our mission?

PPPC and six residents of the Prairie Park neighborhood motions to intervene in two separate lawsuits that have been filed in the Iowa District Court for Linn County by State Senator Rob Hogg and his wife Kate.

Is this the only option for Cargill to be successful?

Contrary to claims by Cargill and the City, there are other, very good options for solving Cargill’s rail car delivery needs that allow Cargill to operate at a price point considerably below what they are currently paying for rail car delivery needs. Help the city to find a more appropriate solution to Cargill’s rail car delivery needs.

What can I do to get involved and help?

Become a member, make a financial contribution, donate time by volunteering and spread the word.


We need your help. Please consider making a donation today.